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Friday, February 24, 2023

I KEEP Making This Mistake With My Goals

October 11, 2022 Newsletter.


(If you’re thinking ‘too long, didn’t read’ - TLDR - read these bullets plus the key takeaways below)

  • In Gobundance, I set goals that I knew would be supported by a like minded community, but I didn’t appreciate the speed of achievement associated with proximity!
  • My one year goals as of May 19, 2022 (screen capture below) to achieve on May 19, 2023 were related to net worth, income, body stats and business income - along with visualizing the house we wanted in the Dominican Republic
  • We ended up with the exact house I visualized as of October 1, 2022 (photo below)
  • ​I’m way ahead on my income and net worth goals and I was ‘stretching’
  • ​I consistently set goals that I say are stretch but that I achieve in way less time
  • Curious - what would I do with TRULY large goals? How much could I achieve?


I had my 44th Birthday in October and did some reflecting and review of where I am. Having a vision for your life and setting goals that align with that vision are important to me. Some feel it’s ‘woo’ to have a dream life outlined in writing or on a board of some type, but it’s always worked for me. I’m going to give you some specific learnings I have from setting goals including one in progress right now!


When I joined Gobundance, I did it with the idea of normalizing being a real estate investor. Having better conversations with other like-minded people. And I got all of that. The thing I was afraid to admit because of sounding ‘silly’ was the idea that I could quit my job within 10 years! Walk away from multiple hundreds of thousands in income and whatever equity would be unvested (likely 7 figures by that time!)? Crazy talk!!

I ended up quitting my job in two years!

Shortly after joining and understanding the value of setting ‘stretch’ goals, I put out there that “I want to spend 3 months a year in a different destination somewhere in the world”.

I moved to the Dominican Republic for a year (maybe more).


At a Gobundance event (can you tell Gobundance has been crucial in changing my life?), we heard from a speaker named Ryan Serhant. He is a Bravo TV Star of a show called Million Dollar Listing and one of the biggest real estate brokers on the planet. I had the privilege of interviewing him live, which you can watch here.

He indicated that there’s a day each year that he sits down and lists the vision and outcomes he has for the same day one year later. I thought that would be a good exercise for me. So on May 19, 2022, I sat down and grabbed my phone and typed out some goals for May 19, 2023 in my notes app. Here’s what I came up with:

1 png

Here’s where I stand 5 months later:

Emerge Gross: $200,000 (rounded)
Income: $244,000
Weight/Body Fat: 165 / 17%
Net Worth: $1,828,000

Oh - and here’s the 4 bedroom villa we ended up with. Not in Cap Cana, but we stayed at a 2 bedroom villa in Cap Cana when we moved here and decided we liked another neighborhood better.

1 png


Overall, you can see I’m ahead of or well on my way to achieving what I thought were BIG goals. Things that I’d need to stretch to achieve.

  • Emerge Gross: We’re launching Emerge and Ascend as ‘Emerge Supercharged’ in January and going through that process right now. Marketing efforts have slowed as we make this updated program a concierge level incubator and accelerator for future millionaires. (I can’t fucking wait for this!!). As I write this, we’ll have a final sale of Emerge as is at our last ever discount before turning off sales for the rest of 2022, and we’ll offer Emerge graduates and current participants a final crack at Ascend at the current pricing before our total package price goes up with a VASTLY improved product (the ‘flawed’ version made 30+ millionaires by the way!). $2m is still a stretch, but don’t you dare count the people working on this project out!!
  • Income: The income breaks down like this and doesn’t feel like a ½ million pace for 12 months (maybe because we’re spending so much in the DR!! LOL)
     - 240 Park Distributions: $22,000
     - Emerge: $40,000
     - Gobundance referrals: $58,000
     - Sale of Grove: $65,000
     - Sale of MPV: $25,000
     - Acquisition Fees: $34,000
  • Body Weight/Fat: I’m not too far off on weight and body fat - less cake, more salad and I’ll be good!
  • ​Net Worth: Honestly, the net worth is popping with very little if any focus on it. It’s on a trajectory to be double+ by the end of 2023, economic factors aside.

My issue is I usually set goals that I say are big, but are actually achievable. Whether it’s how long to quit my job, how much we spend in a chosen destination, net worth, income or the specific house we will have - my tendency is to play it safe. I truly wonder what I could achieve if I set gigantic stretch goals that make absolutely NO sense whatsoever. The types of goals that when shared people say, ‘you know that’s ridiculous right?’.

For the income and net worth goal set vs. performance, the goals now require that I actually diminish my earnings and investments in order to hit the goal I’ve set!


#1: Set the Impossible Goal

If my coach Jason Drees reads this newsletter, he’ll be shaking his head and screaming ‘I KEEP TELLING YOU’. It’s amazing to me how he’s pushed me so hard but sees so much more in me than I see for myself! Jason - I hear you!! He took me through an exercise where I set $1 million in 1 year as a big goal that I saw as possible and where I could articulate some of the things I’d need to do in order to achieve it. He then asked for my IMPOSSIBLE goal to which I knee-jerked ‘$10 million’. He asked ‘so if you were to aim at your impossible goal instead, could you tell me what you need to do?’. It was CLEAR as day to me. At $1 million, there were a few things - doing deals with Quantum, build my business, step up sales - I could piece together $1 million. But when I thought about $10 million, it was clear - build my brand. That was it. That clarity has created this newsletter, the growth of my income and net worth and other things. Set the impossible goal!!

#2: Focus on Impact, Not on Outcome

When I review the goals I set and the results I’ve had, there were almost no tactics deployed to achieve it. Instead, the results came when thinking about and focusing on the impact I can have. By stepping up efforts on Emerge, I took my first profit share distribution. By having great conversations with guys about Gobundance without worrying if they join, over 20 people signed up in July, 15 in August and 10 in September. When I focus on serving vs. earning, I earn more!

#3: Find an ‘Imagine When’ Network

ore Gobundance, I was growing in a different direction than my peers - those I call my ‘remember when’ crew. They only know me for who I’ve been so if I share these silly goals with them, it’s misaligned with their knowledge of who I am. When I joined Gobundance, these guys only know the future me, and that’s who they hold me accountable to. They imagine with me what the next 5, 10 years look like and keep me in check!

#4: I’m the King of ‘Yeah But’

On the income side, seeing $244,000 in under 5 months with a target of $500,000 in 12 months made me immediately break it down and scruitizine it. ‘Yeah, but $90,000 was the sale of my property, I can’t count on that every 6 months’. I even broke out the $154,000 in income for ‘non-real estate sale’. Same time, I know that in my past, I still have found a way to meet these income goals when I set them. I ignore that evidence, however, and focus on emotion. When I think about the next 6-7 months, I know of 2-3 things that will actually be potential large income events (more in a future newsletter). So I’m going to do my best to set aside ‘yeah but’!


Tribe of Millionaires Episode
✯ In addition to the Serhant episode above, I’d listen to a deep dive on the power of visualization in Episode 235 with Dr. Richard Shuster. Mind blowing episode!

A Podcast I Love
✯ I love Dr. John DeMartini and his recent podcast episode on ‘how to be present’ was amazing. It’s 20 minutes on 1.0 speed - easy listen!

Lessons from Living Abroad
✯ In many ways, living in a developing nation is much like growing up in the 80’s. You still need to go to the store for most things, no grocery delivery and limited Amazon. People don’t schedule time to stop by, they just come or expect you to. It’s a crazy thought to me still - how do I go to your house if I don’t know you’re home? But that’s the way it was when I grew up. It’s both refreshing and frustrating.

Shit I Find Funny
✯ I usually do the living abroad lesson last, but in the spirit of the lesson above, this funny clip from Sebastian Maniscalco seemed like a perfect way to end it! Such an accurate assessment - right down to the Entemanns!

If you’d like to work with me and/or be part of my communities
Join Emerge for our next launch you can get it for only $1495 (use code JAMIE for $500 off!!)
✯ If you’re a net worth millionaire, apply here to join Gobundance and my team will schedule a time for us to talk. It’s $10,000-$15,000 annually to be a member - the greatest investment you can make in your future!

Talk to you next week
- Jamie

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