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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

3 Moves For the Rest of 2023 To Get Job Free!!

July 4, 2023 Newsletter.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Emerge is NOW ENROLLING for our next cohort launch on August 7 - to be considered, apply here!

Happy 4th to everyone and thank you for showing up each week! I’m amazed at the 40-50% open rates we get on this newsletter.

I look at this holiday as halftime for the year.

A great time to relax, reflect, and calibrate for the second half.

You’re the player on the field and this newsletter puts me in the coaches seat - observing what you’re doing and giving you feedback on how you can accelerate your exit, your path to lifestyle freedom, and achieve your dream life.

This is a SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION of Confessions of a Mid Life Entrepreneur.

With the inspiration of Patrick Bet-David’s ‘5 Moves’ newsletter 😉, I present to you the THREE MOVES that YOU need to make in the 2nd half.

THREE MOVES that if you put them in place, you’ll reflect on New Years Eve on how pivotal these moves were to the growth you will have experienced.

THREE MOVES that will expand your comfort zone and make you feel uneasy, but will propel you forward guaranteed!

THREE MOVES I made and continue to make to grow as an entrepreneur!

Here we go…


Michael Jordan was the greatest ever! Bar none. And as great as he was, even HE couldn’t see his own jump shot.

Michael had someone there to watch, observe, let him know his elbow was flaring, or he was releasing too early.

He understands the value of an outside perspective.

He understands that constant improvement is the key to life, and the right mentor or coach gets you closer to perfection faster!

YOUR EXCUSES: I know what I need to do, I don’t need some pseudo therapist to unpack my trauma and limiting beliefs - OR - I should but I don’t want to hire the wrong person and waste my time and money

COACH’S TAKE: If the greatest ever had a mentor or coach, how dare you not? You’re telling me you’re interested in living a life of fulfillment, not committed to it!

- Scour your town/city for a free mentor (not recommended - cheap action gets cheap results)
- Hire Aaron Velky -
- Hire Jason Drees -
- Email me - I might coach you!


You are here because you want something different than your friends and family.
When you share your BHAG (big hairy audacious goals) of quitting your big job, or traveling the world, or both - you’ll be met with disbelief and fear masked as logic.

A co-worker responded to my desire to quit and travel for months with ‘dude, you have this great paying job, your kids are in school - this sounds a little ridiculous’.

Anyone who reads what I write, or watches my content and doesn’t understand that coaching and mastermind groups are the only difference between me and you needs to go back and read more of my content!

YOUR EXCUSES (I’ve heard them all): I don’t have time to commit - OR - I need to keep my powder dry - OR - I don’t have the money to invest in a mastermind group right now.

COACH’S TAKE: Everyone you see as successful invests in their community - do you think they have more time than you?

Do you think I have more time than you? Do you think that with more success comes more time?

That you’ll one day be complete, no projects, no young kids, no upcoming trips? Spare me please.

Your excuse of time is tired and shows a lack of commitment to what you say you want.

And then you say money?

Ok ok - let’s do this: add up how much you spent in the last 6 months on alcohol, on desserts, on a bloated car payment - hell - on 4th of July!

Add up all the stuff you bought your kids for Christmas.

Now - tell me where those toys are now. Tell me what 2-year ago 4th of July money bought you .. what do you remember?

You are spending on things to numb yourself from your own reality - and if you added all that ‘numbing money’ up, I bet you’d find that your ‘I don’t have money’ excuse is just that.

If your furnace went, interesting how you’d find a way to have THAT money. Or a pop up medical bill.


Because they’re important to you - you say so with your actions.

Lean on time and money as reasons not to find a community - you’ll stay at that job forever.

Oh - on your time excuse - I challenge you to look at your time on apps on your phone and then continue to tell yourself you don’t have time!

- Men $2m+ net worth - apply to Gobundance Elite/Champion
- Women $1m+ net worth - apply to Gobundance Women
- Men <$2m / Women <$1m - apply to join Gobundance Emerge


Here’s a question I always get: “Man, how did you balance family with job and side hustle and also Gobundance and self managing your properties?”

I answer with a question: “Do you do your own dishes?”

For those of you that are literal, I’ll expand.

Do you do your own laundry?
Shop for your own groceries?
Clean your own house?
Mow your own lawn?
Maintain your own pool?
Drive yourself around?
Change your own light bulbs?

You get the point.

As an entrepreneur, dollar productive activities are everything.

When you realize you can make $100, $500 or $1000 for an hour of work, then hiring someone for $10-20/hour for day-to-day tasks suddenly becomes necessary.

Leverage your W2 income now to build this habit of hiring out your chores. All of them. Commit time to your side hustle or portfolio and see what happens!

YOUR EXCUSES: I enjoy mowing the lawn - OR - I’d be embarrassed to have someone drive me around .. that’s crazy!

COACH’S TAKE: Enjoy mowing your dream lawn when you’ve achieved the objective. Eyes on the prize. Either you’re lying to yourself that you love it because you can plug in a podcast, or you need to put that true love aside for a while to focus on the mission.

And if you’re afraid of being ‘that guy’, see number 2 above. Get. Better. Friends!

- Use NextDoor and post that you’re looking for home help
- Go on Facebook marketplace and search for help
- Hire your retired Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle
- Find a landscaping company to mow your lawn
- Knock on your neighbors door and get their teenage kids to work for summer driving you, cleaning your pool, doing your dishes, etc


I’m encouraging you to invest in yourself for the remainder of 2023.

I’m encouraging you to scrutinize where you spend time and money now because that reflects your TRUE values.

If you’re serious about quitting your job, if you’re serious about living a purposeful life, if you’re fed up truly, if the pain is too great to continue much longer in your current position - then trust fall into the three moves I just gave you.

For anyone who may feel like I’m pitching you, that’s fine. But I would also ask you to tell me anything above that I haven’t done myself.

I’m not telling you to do something that I don’t do already
- I have coaches
- I pay for multiple masterminds
- I moved to another country where hiring out is ridiculously affordable, but even in the US, we hired most everything out!

I feel this burning fire in me to get you what you want - I feel like you can’t help but feel it. The WORST THING you can do is exit the email and do nothing.

If you want it, then act! That’s my plea to you and I hope it doesn’t land on deaf ears 🙏

Hope the coach wasn’t too hard on you 😉

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Email me at with how this hit you - would love to hear from you!

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