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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

This Famous Entrepreneurs Objective is to Kill Your Sex Drive 🫢

June 13, 2023 Newsletter.

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The definition of entrepreneurship is ‘the activity of setting up businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

That’s it! Simple and easy.

What it DOESN’T say is that those businesses should serve the greater good!

What if I told you that there is a product that you consume regularly, most definitely have consumed a lot of in your life, and persists as a top selling product, even though the product was intended to DESTROY your sex drive?

Don’t believe me?


Around the turn of the century (the last one), a physician gained prominence for outlining 39 'aberrations in the human body’.

All 39 of these abnormalities were caused by .. ready for it?

Masturbation!! (sex too .. but self love was his BIGGEST problem 😶😶)

Other ‘aberrations’ that made the list?
- Acne
- Epilepsy
- Bad Posture
- Stiff Joints (he was REALLY against stiffness obviously!!)

These 39 aberrations became a book called ‘Plain Facts for Old and Young: Embracing the Natural History and Hygiene of Organic Life”

This physician went on to surmise that libido was driven by ‘rich foods’ and attempted multiple avenues to create something that would dampen libido because of the plainness of the product.

His name was John Harvey Kellogg and his product was - you guessed it -
Corn Flakes!!

Who needs viagra when all you have to do is clean out your pantry!!
Maybe keep the viagra too .. just in case 😉

Kellogg himself NEVER consummated his own marriage. He adopted all of his children and truly believed that sex was unnatural and dirty.

His brother later added sugar to Corn Flakes which created a rift between them because it violated his mission of making sure what goes up, stays down!!

Just to make residents of Michigan (the home of Kelloggs) a bit more uncomfortable, the good doctors' other attempts to squash the libido were a bland granola product, an enema, as well as a yogurt cleanse injected orally and anally simultaneously.

Want more? How about a silver wire sewn into boy’s foreskins to prevent erection and create irritation and an acid burn for girls to prevent any sensation in their nether-regions!

We should be thankful he settled on bland cereal!!

At this point, you may be wondering why I’m sharing this in the confines of this newsletter.

I’ve been a mid-life entrepreneur for over 2 years now and my commitment with this is to share lessons, struggles, challenges and wins that I have every week.

Although I’ll admit - if you’ve ever seen Man on the Moon where Andy Kaufman intentionally makes the TV get staticy because the thought of people walking across the room to bang on them is funny, the thought of all of you googling this and wondering if I’m full of shit is funny too.

Email me if you googled .. do it!!! 😀

Here’s the lesson I got from this incredible story!!


#1: Are you Committed or Interested?

In the context of time, Kellogg’s stance may not have been as controversial as it would be today. But one thing is for sure, you can’t deny that he had a mission he believed in and would stop at nothing to achieve it. I’m not applauding his deviousness at all! But I am applauding his commitment (or maybe that he should have BEEN committed). He had an objective and was all in on that objective. Today, some may see him as comparable to George Soros, or Donald Trump on the other side of the aisle. Or maybe Coco Chanel! All entrepreneurs with products we celebrate today but with potentially disturbing stories behind them, depending on your feelings about them.

#2: Good Or Bad Results Require Extreme Focus

Show me anyone that’s accomplished anything they wanted, and I’ll show you their extreme focus! From Jeff Bezos to Adolf Hitler. From Warren Buffet to Mussolini. Even Elon Musk who is a freak of nature allocates extreme focus on a daily basis to one project at a time. He may be the only possible exception to this rule, but he’s on another level with time committed to his work. If your objective is to quit your job, or build your business, or scale your real estate portfolio, dabbling in ‘some mid-term and short term, and we pick up a few multifamily’ will get you only so far. Successful and financially free, but only so far. For me, to be the podcaster I want to be will require that I get even more focused on that art and business. Kellogg was a lot of things, including being focused on his objective!

#3: Our Relationship to Risk

Jim Rohn famously said it’s risky no matter what! It’s risky to invest, but every riskier not to. It’s risky to do what you love, but even riskier not to. Jim Carrey has an amazing commencement speech in which he shares that his father chose a ‘secure’ accountant job instead of following his dream of being a comedian. His conclusion is ‘you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love’. I started this newsletter with the definition of entrepreneurship. It will take financial risk to be a mid-life entrepreneur. But what’s the risk of you NOT going for it?

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