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Thursday, March 30, 2023

The ONE QUESTION I Asked Myself (And You Need to Ask Yourself)

February 14, 2023 Newsletter.

It’s been a crazy 2 weeks!! I hosted my own mastermind and traveled 22 hours each way to Tahoe for a Gobundance event immediately after. I participated in my own mastermind which created thoughts. Those thoughts then had a chance to percolate while in flight (I do all I can to show my plane neighbors I’m not interested in chatting!). Then a week of masterminding with incredible men who have my utmost respect brought all of it together. This week I’ll share the epiphany and learnings I’ve had through it all!


Rogan. In my mastermind event and later with a town hall segment I do with Emerge Supercharged called ‘Grub with Gruber’, I shared my real ambition. Something that I wouldn’t have admitted publicly until I had the chance to flesh it out in privacy with other high-minded people who invest in themselves.

To answer a reflective question that was part of the Punta Cana event, I wrote down “I want to rival Joe Rogan as the top podcast in the world”. Then I crossed it out.

I then wrote “I want to REPLACE Joe Rogan as the top podcast in the world”.


Big goal right? Big goals are usually associated with MASSIVE action. My whole life I’ve been conditioned, as most of us have, to work my ass off in pursuit of that one ambition.

A lesson I’m learning is that setting incremental goals requires me to get into motion in order to achieve them. To increase podcast listens, Emerge Supercharged sales, income or any other metric by, say, 10% can be done with any number of action steps. I can make a list on how to do all of that. In doing so, I’ll be ‘busy’ and less present for what’s truly important in my life - like time with my kids and wife, or solo time to reflect or read.

However, setting exponential goals requires less initial action. It requires you to stop, pause and think. There’s not a big list of things to do in order to be the biggest podcaster in the world. There’s really only 1-2 action steps I can take and then a big dose of finding ‘whos’ to execute the how. It actually gives me focus, balance, time for what’s important to me. It clears the noise.

I LOVE podcasting and the value I feel I’m able to provide others by leaning into my curiosity with guests I get to interview creates a magnetism to fill the other passions I have. I love my Emerge Supercharged community and I can fill that community with amazing people at a higher level if I’m amongst the biggest podcasts out there. I love my family and I can create flexibility in my life if I’m hiring people to handle the things in my life that take me off task from becoming the biggest podcaster in the world.


Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the greatest basketball players on the planet. In this interview that I did with the official barber and chaplain of the Milwaukee Bucks, Ken Lock, he explains Giannis’ obsession and focus really well (around minute 43). He works hard - but if you go further in the interview you’ll hear how Ken describes that not as work but purpose. The old adage of ‘do what you love and you’ll never work another day’ is so true in my opinion. And if you clear out all the other crap that isn’t part of your purpose, then you create space of purpose - period.

You can duplicate this with Kobe, Michael and many other elite athletes. You can also see the opposite with people like Elon Musk who combine obsession with ridiculous work effort that creates imbalance - so it’s a fine line.


This all boils down to a single question I asked myself and you need to ask yourself. Your ambition may be to quit a high paying job, or elevate yourself in your business, or move to another country. Whatever it is, there’s a simple question

Are my actions aligned with my ambition?

If you’re reading this, you want more for your life - a different outcome than what you’ve had and what those around you have. But are you investing in a community of people that align with your future self? Are you seeking out accountability from like-minded people? Are you investing in yourself?

I know that’s more questions than just one, but you get the point. Are your actions aligned with your ambition?

Have you been inspired by my story and want to make major changes in your life, but whenever I say ‘hey, join my community Emerge Supercharged’ do you look past it or delete it?

Do you have the people surrounding you that you can truly share your biggest ambition like I did with my Emerge community - to be the biggest podcaster in the world? Do you get that by having that community to support that big audacious embarrassing admission that I can type it in this newsletter to 12,000 people?

Do it. Stop reading for a second and ask yourself - are my actions truly aligned with my biggest ambition?


#1: I Likely Won’t Be The Top Podcaster in the World

Just like Gary Vee likely won’t buy the Jets one day, I likely won’t become the top podcaster in the world. The odds are against it. However, the secret that I’ve learned to these large ambitions (stating them, but BELIEVING they are possible more importantly) is that it puts you in alignment with that stated purpose and even if I miss, I’ll land WAY closer to number one than if I simply set an incremental goal. The same for Gary Vee and the Jets - look what he’s built in pursuit of the Jets. If he never owns them, would you say he lost? But for him, there’s a chance that he could - so he keeps going and impacting others.

#2: You Can’t Admit Your TRUE Ambitions to Your Mom

You can’t admit them to most people in your life actually! If you were to truly admit what you want - I mean like really want - that ridiculous dream that even your inner voice may say ‘grow up’ when you think about it, you’d likely be scoffed at, laughed at or even pitied for your child-like dream. This is why I’ve been shouting for years about the power of investing in your community. You need a place to share your ambitions - be celebrated for them - and held accountable to the actions required to get there.

#3: Dare to Dream

That’s a cliche but I want to focus on the word ‘dare’. I received a text from someone sharing that they avoided being in a car with friends that lost control and went over a cliff. Multiple people were airlifted and one person died leaving behind a wife and 7 and 9 year old kids. He wasn’t in the car but was supposed to be. We think the ‘end of our lives’ will be old and gray - 85, 90, 100 years old. But what if it’s tomorrow? What if it’s 3 months from now? That person left his house that day kissing his kids and wife goodbye. The family had plans for when he got home (dinner, soccer, whatever) and now .. gone. GONE. Dreaming is easy .. but DARING to create the dream for this one life that you have NO idea about its ending is essential. You read this newsletter, get inspired by stories like mine, take a level of action - but are your actions aligned with your ambition?


Tribe of Millionaires Podcast Episode
✯ David Greene is a massive name in the real estate investment space and a fellow Gobundance member. He shared his story on a level he never has before. In the context of daring to dream, be sure to spend time listening to this episode!

YouTube Recommendation
✯ My last day in the office was recorded and never released until recently. I was honestly embarrassed to share it. It’s less about what I say and more about seeing a guy do what you may want to - leave an unfulfilling job and live a life of purpose. It’s a quick video - give it a watch and let me know what you took from it!

Lessons From Living Abroad
✯ There’s so much beauty in the world. We had the chance to explore Jarabacoa - the Dominican Republic’s version of Jackson Hole. I did a post here about it that you can read. We drove 5 hours to the middle of a place I never would have imagined I’d live in and it felt like home. Crazy expansion for me!

Stuff I Find Funny
✯ I have newfound respect for this perspective on the English language 😂😂

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