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Gobundance Emerge Mastemind Membership - Covered by 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

What's included

  • Gobundance Emerge Mastermind: Access our private Facebook group to meet other like-minded individuals who are committed to personal growth and transformation. The community provides a supportive and empowering space for members to share their personal journeys, challenges, and successes, and to connect with others who are on a similar path. The Emerge Community is a vibrant and dynamic community that is committed to helping its members reach their full potential and achieve their goals. VALUE $4,995
  • Content Vault : Not only will you meet millionaires every week, but you will have access to dozens of prior millionaire guests and their wisdom in our value vault. Learn about business acquisition, real estate investing, overcoming limiting beliefs, being a better parent or spouse from successful and driven millionaires VALUE $11,995
  • Millionaire Accelerator Six Week Course: a six week transformational goal setting course and mastermind with weekly assignments, live coaching and facilitated connection to fellow Emerge members every week!  VALUE $1,495
  • Goal Setting Trainings & Bonus Videos: David Osborn has a net worth well in excess of $200m and continues to grow because of his goal setting and tracking regimen. You’ll learn his system in detail with this in depth masterclass video and even deeper in our additional bonus videos. Tons of value here! VALUE $1,995
  • Emerge Gift Pack: Tribe of Millionaires Book, Emerge Workbook, Custom Swag  VALUE $295
  • PLUS Exclusive event pricing for Emerge members!!

Total Value $20,775 For Just $3000/biannual or $5000/year

14 Day "$20k+ VALUE" Money Back Guarantee

The Emerge Mastermind membership comes with a 14-day guarantee, so you’ll have nothing to worry about IF you feel like you’re NOT going to get access to the $26,000+ worth of training we promised.



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Gobundance Emerge - $5000/yearly
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Gobundance Emerge - $3000/biannual
$3,000.00 / 6 months

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"Tribe! I bought my first home a week ago in Austin. I will be house hacking this home to live for free and invest my money in more Real Estate. Buying this home means the signature to my commitment to become a Real Estate Investor and start my dream of creating a legacy within Real Estate."- Lilia Sanchez

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"I wanted to drop in a celebration for hitting my Emerge Q1 goal. This was my first time buying a rental, and I had no idea how time-intensive this process would be. Thanks to everyone in Emerge who's supported me and given advice during this process." - Amy Baglan