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February 16th, 11AM EST

3 Things You MUST DO Before You Quit Your High Paying Job Even If That's A Few Years Away


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February 16th, 11AM EST



Jamie Gruber

Here’s the Story of Me Quitting My Job

This webinar was created for YOU

It’s time to take control of your life!

How can I quit my job and not go backward on money or lifestyle ?

I get this question more than any other

The Job Free in 2023 Webinar is for you if:

  • You need a path to a better life but need to support your family
  • You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and (rightfully) don’t want to take a step backward
  • ​You are ready to find purpose outside of your W2
  • ​You want to finally start that business or real estate portfolio
  • ​You don’t have free time to dedicate to a side hustle (this webinar is ESPECIALLY for you if this is the case!)

Let’s Get You Job Free in 2023

This webinar was developed for you. It will give you the steps to change your life. You will learn the 3 C’s to implement for the results you want. I will help you shift your identity to overcome the fear of leaving your job and losing everything. Then you’ll get the formula I used to figure out how you’ll earn a living no matter what your passion is. Ultimately, you will learn how to thrive and increase your income and standard of living when you exit your day job. You may not know what’s possible for you and your life. I’m going to show you that there is abundance and opportunity outside the walls of your office or cube beyond what you may realize.

This is just some of what you’re going to learn in this LIVE webinar

How to build a foundation for your future life post-W2 so that you’ll NEVER have to go back again! - How to overcome the fear of becoming destitute or bankrupt if you leave that “secure” corporate gig ​- Specific steps you can take to overcome imposter syndrome or analysis paralysis and accelerate your path to job freedom


This webinar will get you job free in 2023 EVEN IF:

  • You don’t have any money saved
  • You don’t have a side hustle or any other prospects outside of your day job
  • ​You don’t have time to pursue a new career path
  • ​You have an upcoming stock award, bonus, or other financial win that’s keeping you at the day job
  • ​You are unclear on your vision or purpose
  • ​You have no other income other than your job
  • ​You are the sole income earner in your family

None of this will stop you IF you join me on this webinar, follow the steps I’m going to give you and follow through.

I’ll share how my journey started, what ambitions I had and how those changed, what led me and my family to decide to move out of country for a year or two to a tropical island and how we were able to do it with two school aged kids (that we don’t home-school) and a large apartment real estate portfolio back in the US!


THURSDAY  February 16th, 11AM EST

An Unmissable Live Webinar And Coaching Experience

It’s time to see what’s possible for you. It’s time to take control and change your life

If you’ve been waiting to make the changes you need the most in your life to get what you want - it’s time to take action and attend this webinar to learn how infinite the possibilities are for you


Amy Baglan

I wanted to drop in a celebration for hitting my Emerge Q1 goal. This was my first time buying a rental, and I had no idea how time-intensive this process would be. Thanks to everyone in Emerge who's supported me and given advice during this process.


John Weber

Emerge Fam, I wanted to share with all of you the outcome of accomplishing my 12 week goal! So pumped to share this with all of you. I closed on my first STR in the Smoky’s last week. We went live on Airbnb and VRBO a few weeks ago.


Lilia Sanchez

Tribe! I bought my first home a week ago in Austin. I will be house hacking this home to live for free and invest my money in more Real Estate. Buying this home means the signature to my commitment to become a Real Estate Investor and start my dream of creating a legacy within Real Estate.

Meet Your Job Free Mentor

I felt stuck, unfulfilled and unsure of how the heck I was going to get out of it! In February 2021, after taking specific steps and leaning into the desire to free myself from the corporate grind, I was able to walk away from a $400,000 a year job with a stay-at-home wife and two young boys at home and become a Mid-Life Entrepreneur!

My name is Jamie Gruber. I had a 21 year corporate executive career that gave me lots of experiences and friends but in the end, I learned it just truly wasn’t for me! So … I quit! Since then, I’ve been asked by countless other unfulfilled employees how they can do the same! I love this topic and love helping others on their journey! Today I’m a real estate investor, lifestyle entrepreneur and now a resident of the Dominican Republic for the next year (or so) simply because I made some decisions and leaned into the life I TRULY wanted! This quarter, I told my team I had this dream of getting at least 50 people ‘job free in 2023’ and quickly realized how low that number is. When we talked about how, we decided doing a webinar for other future mid-life entrepreneurs to share specific steps on how to get out of the rat race and lean into your authentic self would be a great way to start! I want to get a jump on 2023 with you - and I can’t wait to see you on this FREE webinar which will teach you the 3 simple and effective steps to getting #JobFreein2023

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