Finally Get Unstuck & Start Living The Life That Makes You Excited!

If you’re ready to break free, start being truly and utterly happy, and discover a life of abundance, then you’re exactly where you need to be.


Attention: Ambitious Entrepreneur!

Isn’t it about time you finally started thinking of yourself? You’ve seen success, you’ve tasted the carrot, and now you feel unfulfilled: don’t you think that there’s never been a better time to see what’s behind the waterfall?

If you're ready to level up, keep reading...


Emerge Supercharged Was Created for One Reason - YOU!


How Often Do You Think About These Two Words: “I Quit”?...

And what comes to mind when you do?...

Is it your disappointed family because you left behind a high-paying job? Is it your overthinking mind going crazy asking you what you’re planning to do next? Or is it the look of fear in your partner’s eyes who’s doing their best to stay supportive?

  • This is why you still haven’t mustered up the courage to take this step, even though we both know you need it. It’s been months since you’ve actually felt like yourself.

  • ​You haven’t been spending time with friends, family, or yourself, and you’ve been trading all of your time for money, and who could blame you? If you rewind 10 or 15 years, all you wanted was money, it was the solution to all your problems!

  • ​All you could think about is “if only I had X amount of money, I wouldn’t have anything to complain about!”, but now that you’re on the other side, you have money, but you don’t have much else…

Right now you're:

  • Scared of making a mistake and damaging your career.
  • ​​Don’t trust yourself enough to take the leap of faith.
  • ​You want to make money without trading all of your time for it.
  • ​Not spending enough time with the people you love.
  • ​Not knowing how to become unstuck and start a thriving business.

This is where you want to be:

  • Happier, free, and have the time and money you desire to live your life to the fullest.
  • ​Secure in your own future, and have the ability to set a goal, achieve it, and move forward in life without looking behind you.
  • ​​Surrounded by the support you need to stay on track.
  • ​Have the ability to quit the job or business that doesn’t fulfill you
  • ​Driven enough to turn your dreams into a reality without depending on how you feel and taking action even when you don’t want to.

Now Am I Here To Point Out The Obvious And Leave You Stranded? No, I'm Here To Help!

First of all, let me be the first to tell you that it’s not your fault. You’re watching people around you start new businesses, make more money, become entrepreneurs, while you still work a high-paying job. 

Thousands of people would kill for your position, however, it’s leaving you unsatisfied, and that’s not your fault. 

In fact, it’s what’s going to drive your coming success! How? It means that you’re different, you crave value and fulfilment, and that’s exactly how successful businesses are born!

You only lack direction, you feel alone and misunderstood, and that’s exactly what I’m here to offer you today: The opportunity to surround yourself with the community that helps you move forward with full force!

Buckle Up, It’s About To Get Exciting!

Introducing: The  Emerge Supercharged  8-Week Mastermind + Course

Here's how it'll change your life:

This opportunity allows established professionals like yourself to CHANGE THEIR LIVES, and move past the blocks they've been stuck behind!

Whether it’s your goal to start a new business, pivot your own, or quit a soul-draining high-paying job to find something with more fulfilment, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Emerge Supercharged is a tried-and-tested, science-backed system that takes you from being scared about your future into having all the tools you need to shape it to your liking.

We’ve established a community of like-minded successful professionals looking to take things to the next level, which creates a complete accountability system unlike anything you’ve ever seen!


I Know You’ve Heard This Before, So What Do I Have To Offer That Makes This Different?

Anyone can tell you that you need to be more committed, that you need to be a better leader, or that you need to just man-up and pull the trigger: but how? How can you turn that advice into actionable steps that you can actually act on?

That’s exactly what we explain in Emerge Supercharged, giving you a clear set of habits, practices, mindset changes, and exercises that allow you to stay on track all year round!

We simplify your massive end-goal and turn it into 1% changes that you can start applying to your day-to-day routine, and help you how you can divide and conquer that goal that’s been scaring you for months.


What Others Have Said

Rich Tavetian

As of yesterday I've put in my two weeks notice at my W2 job at Salesforce, 11 years in tech/software industry a high paying salary and benefits to pursue and focus on my own businesses. This will now free up time to continue to grow my Real Estate Sales , Investing businesses , and my software company. Most importantly pursue my vision and give me the time to make a positive impact on others' lives with my gifts and skills. I'm so grateful for this community, starting in Emerge, and the support from everyone, my GoPod, and the folks I've made some great relationships and connections with. Looking forward to CRUSH this new chapter of my life and am SO PUMPED!! 

Lucy Parker

I DID IT!! I'm so excited that I achieved this ONE goal that has taken me 10 months( had to open an LLC, bank etc etc in Dubai first and get the necessary paperwork): I just relaunched my Social Media program for anyone in the real estate industry - am feeling so chuffed that I kept pushing myself to get this done. I originally created this during Covid for real estate agents around the world ( mainly KW but also other companies too), then I was asked to send a course through to market centres and well here is the final result : THE SOCIAL MILLIONAIRE : GO BIG or go home as I always say:+1:

Josh Beauvais

I was fired yesterday. I was in a bit of a daze for a little, but quickly moved into gratitude for the decision that was made.  As the night progressed last night, I began to feel a sense of power and purpose. I realized that this is my go-time. What I love about this group is everyone I reached out to in the Gobundance orbit quickly said Congratulations, while all the normal people responded with sympathetic comments. This is the wake up call I needed to shove me in the direction of my dreams. I spent my first day of freedom going out to breakfast with a good friend/business owner/potential investor and working on business ideas with Steve Haag and Otto Kinn. Also, I was presented with a business idea from someone in my industry that might be worth exploring. It's fu**ing go time!!!!!!!

What Can You Expect When Joining Emerge Supercharged?

Join Emerge Supercharged today, and discover what it’s like to have everything you need to create long-lasting change at your fingertips!

  • In as little as 8 weeks, you’ll understand exactly how to install habits and plan for executing your end-goal, and have our experts and members to hold you accountable for it.
  • ​Start your journey as an entrepreneur and leave behind the career or business that doesn’t fulfill you without having fear and anxiety stand between you and the sense of freedom you crave!​
  • A complete A-Z method of finally making the change you’ve been contemplating for months, and steer your future into a more successful, abundant, and free direction!
  • ​Understand how to build the habits and the lifestyle changes needed to bring your goal to life with the power of proximity and surrounding yourself by experts and like-minded, driven individuals.

Enroll while spots are still available, we will sell out!

Join Emerge Supercharged  before our June class begins, and we'll make sure you have everything you need to get unstuck and break free forever.


Meet your MentoR, JAMES GRUBER

How I, as A 20+ year Executive Turned Lifestyle Entrepreneur in My 40’s

Jamie Gruber was a corporate executive making a great living and providing for his stay at home wife, two sons (and two pups) before deciding he had enough. With a clear vision to ‘travel for months at a time with his family anywhere in the world’, he realized the day job was in the way of living his best life. 

Jamie is a partner with Quantum Capital - a multifamily acquisition company, and the creator of Emerge Supercharged. He has the reputation of being authentic, transparent and vulnerable with the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life. He hosts the top 1% podcast Tribe of Millionaires and produces volumes of content inspiring people to live their best life. 

His weekly newsletter ‘Confessions of a Mid-Life Entrepreneur’ goes out to 10,000+ people with nearly 50% opening and engaging. He believes anyone can achieve lifestyle freedom through clarity, confidence and most importantly community. His participating in the Gobundance mastermind is credited for his ability to compress his goal of quitting in 5-10 years under 24 months and scale his income from $400,000 at his job to nearly $800,000 in the first year after leaving.


What your Emerge Supercharged Experience will Look Like

Live Coaching & Learning

You will have the opportunity to be on accountability calls live with Jamie and be coached directly or watch others be coached on their obstacles and challenges. You will see how celebrating each other’s wins and holding each other accountable to your goals will keep you on supercharge your results. You will also get exposure to millionaire entrepreneurs weekly in our Millionaire Case Study and Proximity Power Series.

Learn the Process of Transformation

Through our 8 week Accelerator you’ll learn how to get clarity, confidence and leverage community to achieve any goal you desire. You’ll be guided to establish a single goal to achieve by the end of the Accelerator so you can practice the process yourself. As important as it will be for us to help you hit your goal, equally important is you understanding the power of the Three C model and how to apply it on an ongoing basis.

Create a New Network & New Possibilities

You’ve decided to live life differently than others in your current network. We call them your ‘Remember When’ friends. Conversations are about work, who’s not pulling their weight, mediocre raises, the annoying spouse or how victimized someone feels by everything around them. Meanwhile, you are growing in a different direction. You’re seeing a bigger life than those around you could comprehend. This is where Emerge Supercharged comes in. You meet your ‘Imagine When’ tribe who dream with you, celebrate your wins, and support you through accountability to keep you on track.

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