3 Things You MUST DO Before You Quit Your High Paying Job Even If That's A Few Years Away

A behind-the-scene look into the top 3 moves I made to prioritize Fulfillment, overcome Fear and achieve Freedom.

January 18th, 11AM EST

In This Masterclass I Will Share The 3 Step Process That You Can Use To Get From F*CKED to FREE!

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I felt stuck, unfulfilled and unsure of how the heck I was going to get out of it! In February 2021, after taking specific steps and leaning into the desire to free myself from the corporate grind, I was able to walk away from a $400,000 a year job with a stay-at-home wife and two young boys at home and become a Mid-Life Entrepreneur!

My name is Jamie Gruber. I had a 21 year corporate executive career that gave me lots of experiences and friends but in the end, I learned it just truly wasn’t for me! So … I quit!

Since then, I’ve been asked by countless other unfulfilled employees how they can do the same! I love this topic and love helping others on their journey!

Today I’m a real estate investor, lifestyle entrepreneur and now a resident of the Dominican Republic for the next year (or so) simply because I made some decisions and leaned into the life I TRULY wanted!

This quarter, I told my team I had this dream of getting 50 people ‘job free in 2023’ and quickly realized how low that number is. When we talked about how, we decided doing a webinar for other future mid-life entrepreneurs to share specific steps on how to get out of the rat race and lean into your authentic self would be a great way to start!

I want to get a jump on 2023 with you - and I can’t wait to see you on this FREE webinar where I have NOTHING I’M GOING TO SELL YOU other than on the dream of being #JobFreein2023

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  • You will learn how to build a foundation for your future life post-W2 so that you’ll NEVER have to go back again!
  • ​I’m going to share EXACTLY how I made sure I had enough money to leave my job, EVEN THOUGH my expenses didn’t let me save as much as I should!
  • ​​I’ll teach you how to overcome the fear of becoming destitute or bankrupt if you leave that “secure” corporate gig
  • ​You’re going to get specific steps you can take to overcome imposter syndrome or analysis paralysis and accelerate your path to job freedom

This webinar will help you get out of your job in one year EVEN IF:

  • You don’t have any money saved
  • ​​You don’t have a side hustle or any other prospects outside of your day job
  • ​​​You don’t have time to pursue a new career path
  • ​​You have an upcoming stock award, bonus, or other financial win that’s keeping you at the day job
  • ​​You are unclear on your vision or purpose
  • ​​You have no other income other than your job
  • ​​You are the sole income earner in your family

Here’s what I’m promise you - you will need to do some work in order to get yourself the life you want in 12 months BUT once you do, ANYTHING is possible.

I’ll share how my journey started, what ambitions I had and how those changed, what led us to decide to move out of country for a year or two to a tropical island and how we were able to do it with two school aged kids (that we don’t home-school) and a large apartment real estate portfolio!

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