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Friday, March 03, 2023

My $300,000 October

November 8, 2022 Newsletter.

If you need the quick version this week, skip to the ‘Key Takeaways’ and ‘Six Bullet Summary’ below.

October was easily my best sales month as an entrepreneur. It was a true team effort and there were lots of lessons that we can apply going forward that will give us momentum into the new year. As an aspiring or newer entrepreneur, read this week’s newsletter closely - tons of nuggets that I’ve picked up!


We’re right at the 2 year mark of Emerge and Ascend. Emerge has been a 12 week course and community that we’ve sold for a range of $595-$1995 - settling in at $995 most recently. Ascend is the ‘high ticket’ mastermind that fosters deeper connection, higher level content, events, etc. carrying a lifetime price of $5000.

They are separate communities and in order to be in Ascend, you have to have graduated Emerge. That was our business model.

I decided it was time to revamp the model streamlining the 12 weeks of Emerge to 8, and combining the communities into one. New members purchase the 8 week course but get exposure to the entire offering. After 8 weeks they can upgrade to stay and unlock some additional benefits, or leave. I want to provide a concierge level of support for members. I want to double down on the value we provide. I want to create more millionaires.

Essentially, the business model is to give you a peek for 8 weeks and then dare you not to upgrade. There’s that much value.

I’m calling our new product ‘Emerge Supercharged’ and we’re launching it in the new year. You can join the waitlist by clicking here.


My team and I have a full scale outline of how to go from Emerge and Ascend to Emerge Supercharged. We decided to do one final offering at current pricing and terms In October before closing it down for the remainder of 2022.


We announced Emerge for $995 - last chance at this price and for the remainder of 2022. In addition, we offered Ascend to any Emerge member for $5000 lifetime (or 12 payments of $500) only until the end of October.


Emerge - 37 sales @ $995 = $36815
Ascend - 34 sales @ $5000 = $170,000
Ascend - 27 sales @ $500/mo = $13,500

Total Sales = $220,315

Add in $109,350** in recurring revenue based on the 27 monthly sales and we totalled $329,665 in actual and recurring in October!

Most importantly, we added 61 members to our community tallying 180 lifetime members which is a very good baseline for us to build on as a tribe.

We obviously want to build off of this as we relaunch with an even better product at a higher price point and with an annual vs. lifetime model. We discussed what worked which I laid out below for you to consider in your journey.

** 27 sales with $4500 in receivables less 10% for expected attrition = $109,350


#1: Nurture your Audience/Customers Constantly

We have done a number of webinars that teach the key concepts of lifestyle freedom, quitting your job, and finding purpose and also make an offer to join Emerge. We ran a webinar for this final sale of Emerge and got similar results to prior webinars. Added names to our email list at a low cost per lead, but webinar attendance and sales from the webinar were almost, if not completely non-existent. However, a few instagram stories and a couple emails to a warm list who have come to know like and trust me garners sales. We’re still working to crack the code on webinar sales but so far it’s done not much more than build our list which we then send things like this newsletter to in order to build affinity.

#2: Scarcity Sells

We leveraged scarcity on two levels. For Emerge, last time this year and last time at $995. For Ascend, last time you can get lifetime access and the price will be going up as well when this becomes Emerge Supercharged. We got to see that our members and followers see value in what we do - they see the testimonials, they hear the results, they understand the ROI - but they needed a nudge. As we go forward, creating scarcity in new and different ways will be part of our strategy.

#3: Don’t Let Your Prospects Get Stale

Emerge has been 12 weeks since the beginning and we’ve always said it needs to be completed to join Ascend. From observing, the last 3-4 weeks seemed to be where people fell off. It wasn’t new and fresh any more. That led to two hypotheses:

1. Members could use more support than we’re currently offering

2. Conversion may improve if we reduce the course to 8 weeks

We’ll see how our first hypothesis goes when we relaunch with enhanced support (which I’m so excited about delivering!!!). But we saw proof of concept on the second one with a number of 4-8 week Emerge members signing up for Ascend with our final lifetime offer. They are excited, engaged, immersed and in the sweet spot in terms of being open to the upsell. They clearly see the value and are ready to continue their journey with us.

#4: You HAVE To Create a No-Brainer Offer

All of us throw up objections that feel real but simply aren’t. They usually center around time or money, but they’re bullshit excuses. The offer being made to us just hasn’t crossed our value threshold in total. I shared last week how I went to Seth McFarlane’s party in LA at the last minute - flying 14 hours from the Dominican Republic - because my business partner asked me if I wanted to. It pissed my wife off and some others but I still went because the offer was value packed. The base of the offer is ‘come to LA in 3 days and hang out’ which isn’t a bad offer. But the cost of flights (money) and leaving family and flying that far (time) would be easy and justifiable objections. But simply adding one element to that offer with the celebrity birthday party completely revealed that my objections were fake and surface level. I wouldn’t see the value if not for the enhancement on the base offer. When I understood the offer and saw the value, there was no hesitation.

CALL TO ACTION: Screenshot the key takeaway that landed for you and tag me in a story on Instagram so I can see what’s working for you.


(If you’re thinking ‘too long, didn’t read’ - TLDR -here’s a quick summary. You should check out the key takeaways too!)

  • We’re relaunching our separate Emerge and Ascend communities as one group in the new year called ‘Emerge Supercharged’
  • Our objective is to deliver a concierge level of support and combine the communities into one with an 8 week course instead of 12
  • After 8 weeks, you can opt to upgrade and stay or your access will be removed - so we’re daring people to see everything over the 8 weeks that we offer and still walk away at that point - we believe we can deliver that kind of experience
  • If you haven’t been through Emerge and want to get on our Emerge Supercharged waitlist, click here!
  • October saw a final offer for Emerge in 2022 before we relaunch at a $995 price point and a final offer of Ascend Lifetime for $5000 or 12 $500 payments
  • In total we did $220,000 in actual income with another $109,000 in future income based on payment plans (less a 10% anticipated attrition)


Tribe of Millionaires Podcast Episode
✯ Living a life of purpose is a throughline of this week’s newsletter. My episode with Jordan Harbinger speaks exactly to this point. He’s a podcast idol of mine that I’m sure you’ll derive value from. Check his podcast out as well - it’s killer!

A Podcast/Book I Love
✯ Phil Stutz wrote a book called ‘The Tools’. It was recommended to me by Sean Casey who played for the Reds, Tigers and Red Sox for years and it’s killer. He and I exchanged books and are holding each other accountable to reading it. Come to find out, Phil Stutz is being featured in a Netflix documentary with Jonah Hill - so this guy’s about to blow up!!

Lesson from Living Abroad
✯ Apparently traffic circles are backwards in the Caribbean - or at least in the Dominican Republic. When someone is entering a circle here, they just blast into it no problem - and those in the circle actually yield to them. Well not this gringo!! I seek to change this behavior one pissed off Dominican at a time!!

Shit I Find Funny
✯ A favorite past time of mine is to dip into the New England Patriots message board to read the incredibly disconnected reality those fans live in. Even better is after a loss! They absolutely LOSE their minds. This Mac Jones/Zappe whatever controversy, the listless offense they’re running, the inability to find their way and their place in the cellar of the AFC East is hilarious to me. Add in the meltdowns on their message boards and I do a full blown belly laugh like Santa Claus. You want a good time? Go back to the pre-season predictions of their fan base for this years record and count how many called ‘at LEAST 11 wins’ - ho ho ho!!!!!!

If you’re not already in Emerge and Ascend and want to be part of our Emerge Supercharged relaunch in 2023, join the waitlist here!! The objective is to get you unstuck, clear on vision and goals, and provide a concierge level experience to introduce you to your future self!

Until next week
- Jamie

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