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Monday, March 20, 2023

Best Selling Author Gave Me The 2023 Success Blueprint 🤯🤯

January 17, 2023 Newsletter.

Be sure to snag the key takeaway below that resonated most and share to your story. Tag me so I can share your story too!

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is the author of ‘The Gap and the Gain’, ‘Who Not How’, ‘Be Your Future Self Now’, ‘Personality Isn’t Permanent’ and others. I’d HIGHLY recommend becoming a fan and follower of his work. Nearly 18 months ago, he said something that JUST landed for me now! Let’s dive in…


A friend of mine owns a Major League Baseball team. Crazy to be able to say that, but hey - when you invest in your network, ya know? Labor Day 2021, he invited me to attend a game with my family. We were attending a Sunday afternoon game but got into town Saturday afternoon.

When I arrived, I texted to let him know. He asked if my wife would be ok if I came to the Saturday evening game myself to see him and meet two other guests he was hosting. Thankfully, she did!


Benjamin Hardy became my favorite author long before this day. I read ‘Personality Isn’t Permanent’ and it was a game changer. He featured Andre Norman in the book who I learned about and reached out to for a podcast interview which he accepted! Then ‘Who Not How’ came out and it doubled down on my fandom.

So to my surprise, once I entered the owner’s suite, my friend said ‘I want you to meet Benjamin Hardy - he’s an author, a..”

(I cut him off)

“Oh wow - yes!! I definitely know Benjamin - great to meet you”

He also introduced me to his other guest, who is now a US Senator! But pish posh - Hardy was the treat for me!


Being in the owner’s suite has its perks. There are cooks, servers, bartenders, and outdoor seating to watch the game. One of the servers asked what I’d like to eat. I said ‘what do you have?’ to which she responded ‘what do you want?’ (epic!!)

Benjamin and I grabbed some ice creams in those little plastic batting helmets and had a get to know you session as men do. With vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles in hand, and a red cherry on top (2 for me, with whipped cream).

He asked me ‘so what’s the future like for you? What do you want to do with your life - what’s the goal?’

I took a moment to consider and then provided my answer.

“I want to be in a place where I’m able to add value to others. I enjoy getting on group calls, not big on 1-on-1, and and just talking about..ya know, life … and their dreams and helping them get unstuck. So .. yeah, like, my course is my passion and … and .. I love interviewing people and learning about them and .. really .. just personal development and like .. yeah”

It went on a few more sentences unfortunately and then I mercifully stopped!


Once my incessant rambling was done, I said ‘does that answer your question?’

His next line felt demoralizing at the time, but just this week (I’ll explain why below) it made total sense as the secret to achieving anything!

“I dunno. I just want to write books"

He was CRYSTAL clear on who he was, his purpose in life, how he can serve others, and therefore the ONE THING that he LOVES doing to represent himself to the world.

I JUST want to write books!!!


I mentioned this just landed for me 18 months later - like a delayed hand grenade going off in my brain. Fast forward and he and I have stayed connected. Most recently, he sent me a copy of his newest book coming out in May 2023 called ‘10X is Easier Than 2x”. It’s an incredible book and one you’ll all need to run out and buy - just trust me on that!

The outcomes you can derive by properly 10x’ing your goals and life boil down to the clarity that Ben communicated his desires with above. So seeing his results, remembering that comment and overlaying it all with the lessons of his newest book culminated in my epiphany. My ‘get light’ objective for 2023. Better to give my learnings in the key takeaways.


#1: Know Thyself

For me to get to a place where I can confidently say ‘I just want…’, I have to first understand who I am. To me, that means the assigned meaning I give my life. From that meaning comes purpose. My purpose is to ‘inspire and motivate others to live their best lives’. From that purpose I lean into my gift of communication. The medium by which I use that gift in its highest form for me, is to interview others. So, if I could have that moment with Ben back, I would say “I just want to interview cool people on my podcast”. (Texting him now 😀)

#2: Know What You Want

This discussion prompted some AMAZING discussion amongst my accountability pod and my Gobundance local chapter in MI. Knowing what you want comes from knowing who you are. And one BIG takeaway from Hardy is ‘needing’ requires explanation, wanting does not’. If you are in a place of ‘needing’, then it will require you to justify the need. To explain it. To ask for it. If you’re in a place of ‘wanting’, the only explanation required is ‘because I want it’. That’s it. For me, I want to podcast. Nothing more has to be said. Anyone that feels an explanation is owed will get simply ‘because I want to’.

#3: Halim Flowers POUNDED This Home

An upcoming guest for my podcast is Halim Flowers. Halim was incarcerated at 16 for murder and at 38 had his sentence commuted. He created art and a man ended up buying all 10 pieces he had at the time for $2500 each and invited him to join him courtside at a Warriors game. He said no. When asked why by the man, Halim said ‘I’m a Lakers fan’. The man invited him the following week when the Lakers were in town. He told me by phone that ‘if you give control to anyone else for your life - a corporation, an art gallery, a prison - they will leverage that control until they destroy you. I believe that to be fully true. Dave Chappelle is an example if you look at his story of going to South Africa with the benefit of hindsight. I want Halim’s action and Ben’s wisdom - NEVER sell out!

CALL TO ACTION: Screenshot the key takeaway that landed for you and tag me in a story on Instagram so I can see what’s working for you.


Tribe of Millionaires Podcast Episode
✯ Garrain Jones is a BEAST! He did a live episode of Tribe of Millionaires with me that released today and it was FANTASTIC! This is a guy who went from prison in France to starring in a Beyonce video, and then living in his car to being one of the largest retreat hosts in the world! Prepare to be inspired. This one is DEEP!

A Podcast/Book I Love
✯ I’m preparing for Tom Bilyeu’s live interview in Tahoe in a couple of weeks so I’ve been drinking down Tom’s content. This is the latest episode with Donald Hoffman. I’ll admit I haven’t heard the whole thing but the topic alone ‘How To Design Your Dream Life’ is compelling!

Lesson from Living Abroad
✯ We’re all the same. My 4 year old shaved his head this week. 100% of people that saw this reacted with first shock, and then couldn’t stop laughing. Whether they were American, Dominican or any other nationality. Simple takeaway this week that for whatever reason hit me - again - but we’re all the same. Living this life. Seeing the beauty in moments and things. At some level, we’ve all had a 4 year old do something shocking but hilarious whether you are writing newsletters from a 4+ bedroom house in the most exclusive part of the DR, or you’re making $500/month living in an apartment with your spouse, kids and parents.

Shit I Find Funny
✯ Speaking of shaving his head .. this kid! 🤦. Shocking … but hilarious!!!

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Until next week

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