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Friday, March 31, 2023

Schools and Corporations WEAPONIZE These Two Concepts

February 28, 2023 Newsletter.

I was not a good student. Many of us say that, but is it true? Or was it simply that you didn’t fit in the box created for you? Same with your corporate career, or the business you built but are now being ruled by. As entrepreneurs, we zig where others zag. The school and corporate environments have conditioned us poorly for being entrepreneurs and I’ll make the case below. Would LOVE for you to share this on your social feeds if it lands! Here’s a link you can use. This is just TOO important a topic not to!


Most of us spent 13 years in public or private schools and ingested a curriculum. We stood up and sat down when bells rang. We were trained to give our full attention to the authority in the room - the teacher. We were told to remember stuff and then regurgitate it and the results of our memory would determine if we’re acceptable or not as people.

In school, you were reduced to a letter. ‘She’s an A student’ or ‘it’s sad, so much potential but he’s JUST a D student’. Oh that makes me mad to even type!! The grand daddy of judgment is that letter you’d get in red when you didn’t remember facts well enough. It was so bad, they didn’t even follow the alphabet to give it to you. Why call it an E when F is nearby enough to enhance the fact that you FAILED!! But that’s not the mind-f**k of it. It was the stigma that came along with having failed!! This is branded a BAD thing. Something that is not acceptable. Something that should not happen. Something that won’t get you to the next level - the pinnacle of corrupt education ….. COLLEGE!


Somehow you squeak by, or you’re being challenged by the class but it’s dragging your perfect A down (so you drop it and take something easier - you’re incentivized to!). You muscle through college and BOOM - you’re in corporate! Your own desk, a break room, a set of rules to follow - the life!!!

In corporate life, you’ve already been conditioned not to fail, so you do your best to follow the pre-defined processes, show up your peers because you want to be the A student of the office and avoid getting that F.

But when you do, here comes the Manager, Director, VP or whoever else ready to drop another word as a weapon regarding your performance…ACCOUNTABILITY!!

“We need to hold them accountable” is a phrase I’ve heard AND said hundreds of times in a 20 year career. It’s a nice way to say “they need to be fired” or “put them on a documented warning”. Accountability is a weapon to be yielded to once and for all annihilate the lifetime failure - that damn F student!


When you think of entrepreneurs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet come to mind. These are world changers. They set the direction of our society. They are icons! They along with each and every entrepreneur I have the privilege of knowing are lauded for their incredible impact and yet we lifetime public school/corporate folk can’t see the distinct difference in how they accomplish what they do!!


If you’re making a cake, you need certain ingredients. Without flour, you can’t achieve the objective. What entrepreneurs understand is that failure is the flour of success. You don’t achieve anything without understanding that failure is required. Without it, you can’t achieve the objective. Failure is desired. It’s sought out. It’s something you work to get to as quickly as possible. It’s the fastest way to learn. It’s a process of elimination. It’s inevitable!!


I spend 10’s of 1000’s of dollars per year finding others to hold me accountable. This was a tough shift for me being someone who previously saw accountability as something you ‘do’ to people. But when I made the choice that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I saw all these people looked up to actively seeking it out. Paying for it. Craving it. Embracing it. Needing it to ensure they were true to their own objectives. I don’t know too many entrepreneurs who don’t create it for themselves. Who don’t find it and embed it into their system of achievement. It’s essential!


So many people that talk to me through DM or when I speak at events are stuck. They are AFRAID TO DEATH of failure if they take a step in the direction they truly desire and they have not created one ioda of accountability in their lives. This is one of those answers I give (find accountability) that I get ‘no that’s not it’ in response to. But it’s everything.

Here’s the whole thing boiled down:

- Tract A (traditional school/corporate) see failure and accountability as weapons yielded against them
- Tract B (entrepreneurs) seek out failure and accountability because they understand their unending power in making the impact they seek to!!


#1: Answering A Question I Asked a Billionaire

When I interviewed Jesse Itzler (Atlanta Hawks owner) I asked him ‘what’s the one piece of advice you give entrepreneurs that you wish more of them would take’? Here’s how I would answer that - find a tribe that represents ‘future you’. If you’re stuck in a situation that doesn’t serve you, where failure and accountability are scary concepts then find people that have amazing relationships with both. Emerge is just one community that is full of hundreds of men and women who hold one another accountable and who share their failures and celebrate them as a step in the right direction!

#2: Beware Your Own Conditioning

As a parent, I feel compelled to make this PSA. If you have considered alternative education (Acton Academy,, etc) but haven’t pulled the trigger, ask yourself why. Before we decided to take the Acton Academy route for our kids, I wondered about their ability to achieve without the structure of our local public schools. I even told myself we have SUCH a highly rated local district - people spend good money to move to my town because of the schools (sound familiar?). The prom, sports teams - all of this played into me almost going the traditional route. But I don’t want my kids to have to endure what I did. Yeah there were some friendships, but being force fed unusable information in exchange for a letter on a card once a quarter doesn’t move the needle for me. Moreover, as someone once told me, it would be awesome to give our kids the kind of education we wish we had, one that lets them understand how to make a life on their terms .. but shit, what if they can’t get drunk at prom????

#3: Relevance in THIS Economy

I wrote an article a few months back that people were ‘puckering’ with economic news not being so rosy. That was then and this is now .. the true era of ‘pucker’. To accentuate it, I did a recent Instagram story where 72% answered that they are holding on to their cash more than before. So many will have made some momentum toward a major change that serves their soul only to now retract and say ‘not the right time’ (to leave that job, shut that business down, etc). You may be right to hold, but you would also be mistaken not to double down on finding others that embrace failure and leverage accountability. This is the time to prepare. Normalize the entrepreneurial relationship with these concepts now so when things loosen you’re ready to emerge!


Tribe of Millionaires Podcast Episode
✯ I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Kute Blackson - who has been on Impact Theory, Larry King Live and other major shows. We talked about surrendering - an action many of us need to consider given what we’ve learned over the last couple of years - we don’t have the control we think we do!

YouTube Recommendation
✯ If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, please do so here. We’re putting a ton of content out including every episode of Tribe of Millionaires plus some really compelling snippets from the episode to give you bit sized chunks of the larger interview. Here’s one with David Greene talking about his staying power with the BiggerPockets podcast - amazing vulnerability!

Lessons From Living Abroad
✯ I recently got connected to the richest man in the Dominican Republic. This man literally created Punta Cana .. the whole thing! I live in the signature neighborhood of his larger creation and it’s an amazing reminder that no matter where you’re from, if you have a compelling vision and are willing to take bold action - anything is possible! Stay tuned .. I’m working on profiling him for the TOM podcast!!

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