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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Use This Rule To Accelerate Your Job Exit!

February 21, 2023 Newsletter.

I feel like crap today. Not physically, but just in general. The economic news is all over the map, sales of my programs and events feel like they require twice the effort, the podcast growth seems stagnant, income is down. This is the exact feeling I feared for years that kept me in my job. Sitting at my gray desk in my white office lost in email and thinking about quitting - there was really one thought that kept me there … what if I quit my job and there is a time I feel crappy?


When I had my day job I had 40 really good days.

- 26 paychecks
- 10 days off (that were just for me - vacation - not appointments)
- Raise day
- Bonus day
- Equity award day
- Equity vesting day

The remaining 325 days were ‘meh’.

Since leaving my job I have 40 terrifying days a year! Sleepless nights, wondering if I’m about to lose it all and have to go get a job - etc. Crappy! But the remaining 325 days are joyful. Hell, Sundays are a completely different feel now vs. when I had my job! I’ve always considered this an insightful way to describe what you should expect when you leave your job. You’ll be terrified at times - no discounting that. But you’ll also experience the uncapped feeling of infinite possibility.

Then I heard Olympian Alexi Pappas talk about a rule that explains it WAY better!!


Alexi shared that she was feeling crappy in preparation for the games in Rio. Her coach simply told her ‘that’s ok - it’s the rule of thirds’.

Essentially, in any endeavor or area of your life where you’re chasing a dream or doing something hard, you’ll experience three feelings in proportion:

- ⅓ of the time you’ll feel great
- ⅓ of the time you’ll feel okay
- ⅓ of the time you’ll feel crappy

This rule allows you to assess if you feel any of these more than the others and adjust.

For instance, if you’re feeling too good too often, you may not be challenging yourself or your thinking enough. Or if you’re feeling too crappy too often, you may be fatigued or pushing too hard.

But the rule is solid when you consider it in the context of going for something big.


Honestly, not enough. I’m in a season where we’re spending more than we normally would given the adventure of living in the DR. We expected to do this and we have runway, but income has also dried up a bit.

Now, I’m not crying foul. We are about to take an $80k distribution and I’m confident an event I’m hosting in Austin April 20-23 will be impactful and therefore profitable.

By the way - Evan Carmichael, David Osborn are coming - and I’m working on Hal Elrod and Codie Sanchez but even if they can’t make it, the lineup will be epic no matter what! Space is limited and early bird pricing for guests and members expires next week!

But I feel really good a lot. Which means I do need to challenge myself.


There are a few questions I’ve been considering lately. Internal dialogue that I share to give you a sense of how imperfect life after a W2 is. Watch how all over the map I am…

> Is it time to write my book?
> Should I create a course on starting a podcast?
> Do I want to talk about quitting your job anymore or am I over it?
> We should move back to Michigan in August to get back to life
> We should stay in the DR another year - I can market events better!
> How do I align my time and energy with the quest to best Joe Rogan?

I may do all of these in the next week, do none of them ever - or they may get done over time if the spirit moves me. But many of the questions I’m asking myself above will shift the identity I’ve created inwardly and to you, and will be hard - therefore, I’ll feel crappy more!


#1: Love the ‘Suck’

Whether it’s ‘feel crappy more’, or ‘know that this is happening for you, not to you’ or any other personal development quote there is to keep your chin up when feeling down, the basic premise is the difference between feeling unfulfilled in your job or business and having the courage to take the leap into a new fulfilling endeavor. That shitty job that’s making you feel so discouraged is serving you in so many ways! My terror of a boss was exactly who I needed to change my life. I owe her a TON!

#2: It Ain’t Perfect - Thank GOD

I cringe at times when people comment on a perfectly curated social media post of mine by saying ‘you’re killing it’. It’s appreciated but my fear is it’s creating a false standard for others to do what I’m doing. Here’s the truth - in more ways than I can admit…I AM A MESS!! And when you get around other people like I do in Gobundance that are ‘killing it’, you see how much of a mess they are too! But we move forward!

#3: Understand How Goals REALLY Work

I throw stuff at the wall and hope it sticks. See the questions above that I’m asking myself. They appear to be chaotic, but internally, I feel energy toward a couple of those things. I feel aligned with some. Called to some of them. I saw this reel from Cal Callahan that was PERFECT and I hope you all click on it to read it regarding goals. Even references my target - Joe Rogan! Goals are simply a way to make order out of your chaotic thoughts - but not something to be attached to. Key lesson!


Tribe of Millionaires Podcast Episode
✯ I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Kute Blackson - who has been on Impact Theory, Larry King Live and other major shows. We talked about surrendering - an action many of us need to consider given what we’ve learned over the last couple of years - we don’t have the control we think we do!

YouTube Recommendation
✯ If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, please do so here. We’re putting a ton of content out including every episode of Tribe of Millionaires plus some really compelling snippets from the episode to give you bit sized chunks of the larger interview. Here’s one with David Greene talking about his staying power with the BiggerPockets podcast - amazing vulnerability!

Lessons From Living Abroad
✯ My Dominican neighbors are unforgiving 😂. Consider if someone came up to you at an ice cream stand and in broken English said ‘one scoop of ice cream in a mug please’. You’d get it - they meant a cup instead of a cone. But wander into a local Baskin Robbins (a 4 minute walk from my house) and use the wrong word for cup in Spanish and you LITERALLY are looked at as if you asked for a urinal full of chocolate chip cookie dough. The US is a melting pot and we’re used to hearing different accents and misspoken words - but here, it’s not nearly as common. So slightly imperfect word usage in Spanish is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

Stuff I Find Funny
✯ I have newfound respect for this perspective on the English language 😂😂

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